Tips On How To BBQ Chicken Wings

One of the most popular things to come off the grill these days is chicken wings. Quick and easy to cook, they will give your family and your guests exactly what they want as a perfect appetizer or as an entree.

The bar owner in Buffalo, NY probably did not expect their Buffalo wings to turn into an international favorite appetizer, but they have. Since the introduction restauranteurs and individuals have derived a huge variety of flavors to enhance their buffalo wings. You can too. Creativity in cooking is the key to success.

Prep your wings before you marinate or season them. Cut off the wing tips. That is the third section of the wing that has little or no meat on it. That portion of the wing will burn quickly due to it's lack of meat. If you want to save time, buy the wings with the tips already removed.

Season your wings with olive oil and spices or with your favorite marinade. Hot sauce, blue cheese, honey and other flavors will enhance the taste. The wings do not need to be in the marinade for a prolonged period. You can place them in the marinade on your way to the grill. You will continue to marinate them as they cook.

Wings should be placed in the oiled grill over medium heat. When you place the wings onto the grill you should hear them sizzle. Once they are placed on the grill, do not leave them. To BBQ chicken wings to the right level, you should turn them frequently while you are cooking them.

It will increase the flavor if you continue to marinate the wings during the entire grilling process. Chicken wings do not take long to cook. They will be done perfectly in fifteen to twenty minutes. If you allow them to stay on the grill too long they will be very dry.

Remember to not build an extremely hot charcoal or wood fire. If you are using a gas grill, the temperature should be about 350 degrees, no higher. When cooked over a fire that is too hot, the skin will burn and the inside will be raw or dry, depending on how long you leave them on the BBQ.

Prepare your dipping sauces ahead of time. Serve your delicious BBQ chicken wings as soon as you remove them from the fire. Serve them hot to your guests and enjoy a great appetizer.

Hot sauce, honey mustard and other varieties of dips for BBQ chicken wings are often available at your favorite supermarket. If you rather do it yourself, go wild and have fun with them. BBQ chicken wings have taken over as the favorite finger foods since fondues of the late 60's have moved to the back. They are quick, easy and tasty. That is the most you can have when it comes to food.