BBQ Chicken Recipe

bbq_chicken_on_grillGreat articles here on ways to spruce up and put some "zing" into a BBQ chicken recipe. 

There are or will be articles that will also offer tips and ways to help make your barbecuing easier, simpler and more fun.

There's a whole new world out there for you to explore. To take yourself where you've never barbecued before. 

The goal here is to give you ways to improve some, any, or maybe even all of the BBQ chicken recipes that you use now, so that your BBQs will be one of your family and friends best of times. 

Happy barbecuing.

BBQ Chicken Recipe Crock Pot Cooking Tips

Making BBQ chicken in the crock pot, or any other chicken recipe for that matter, gives you the chance to have a hands-off style of cooking from the traditional recipes that may call for grilling or frying techniques.