BBQ Chicken Recipe Crock Pot Cooking Tips

Making BBQ chicken in the crock pot, or any other chicken recipe for that matter, gives you the chance to have a hands-off style of cooking from the traditional recipes that may call for grilling or frying techniques. 

Many people find that most chicken crock pot recipes take only a few minutes to prepare and, even though you may be waiting all day for the chicken to be done, the wait is entirely worth it! There's absolutely nothing like sitting down to a home-cooked BBQ chicken meal stolen right from the crock pot. That said, though, there is plenty of prep work and steps you can take to make sure that your crock pot chicken recipe turns out perfect.

White Meat vs Dark Meat

First and foremost, cooking times for white meat chicken versus dark meat vary so you should keep this in mind when planning your meal and buying the actual chicken. Specifically, white meat cooks much more quickly than dark chicken meat. When cooking chicken breasts in the crock pot, then, this means the optimal cooking time is between 6 and 7 hours.

Cooking Drumsticks and Thighs

A second issue with crock pot chicken cooking is when you're using drumsticks or thighs. This part of the chicken can actually stand up to 10 hours of cooking time without losing flavor or juiciness for that matter. In other words, leaving the chicken in the crock pot for a couple extra hours certainly will not ruin your dinner if you're out running errands or have lost track of time.

Internal Temperature

When it comes to checking the temperature of your food, the crock pot is perhaps the most convenient cooking method for doing this. For chicken, the internal temperature of the meat needs to reach 170-degrees Fahrenheit to be fully-cooked. Even though checking the temperature of the chicken is usually a breeze with crock pots, investing in an instant-read thermometer that has a digital instrument may help you gauge the temperature quicker than other cooking thermometers.

Low vs High Crock Pot Setting

Many BBQ chicken recipes call for the chicken to be cooked on the slow cooker's low setting. However, one thing to keep in mind is that one hour of the High setting equals two hours on the Low setting for most crock pots. To make sure that your chicken cooks all the way through the first time, place the chicken on High for the first hour and set it to Low for the remaining cooking time--this ensures that it gets done all the way and in time for dinner.

Shredding your Chicken

One of the tips to remember when cooking chicken in your crock pot for a shredded BBQ chicken recipe is to shred the chicken in the middle of the cooking process. Shredding the chicken absorbs the BBQ sauce you use, which makes for a better-tasting chicken.

As you can see, there are several tips you can use to produce a great-tasting, crock-pot-cooked BBQ chicken. Whether you weren't sure what kind of thermometer to use to measure the meat's internal temperature or you're embarking on a new chicken recipe, all of these tips can help you with your meal.