Tips On How To BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

Getting the cooking out of the kitchen is a great goal when the weather is too hot. Aside from the added heat in the kitchen, your utility bills for your air conditioning will also go up. Grilling is the way to go on a hot summer evening.

Drumsticks are a great way to do just that. The most important tip is to cook them until they are done, without cooking them until they are dry.

Prep your chicken drumsticks first. If you choose to marinate them, an Italian salad dressing can give added flavor to the dish. Pour some salad dressing into a zip lock bag and place your drumsticks in with it for about one hours. If you are cooking for a crowd, placing the drumsticks in a flat roasting pan or several zip lock bags will also do.

If marinade is not what you want, paint on some olive oil and seasonings. Olive oil has a higher burning point than vegetable oil, so it is better for BBQ.

For gas grills set the temperature to 400 degrees and allow it to reach that before placing the drumsticks on the grill. Lubricate the grill as well to prevent sticking. Cook on each side for about five minutes. Reduce the temperature to 325 degrees.

Place the drumsticks on an upper grill. If your grill has only one grill, wrap the drumsticks in heavy duty aluminum foil. Close the foil and the lid of the grill. Allow to cook for 25-30 minutes and prepare yourself for a delicious treat.

For charcoal grills the process is similar. Get your fire very hot. Hold you hand about six inches above the charcoals and count, one-one thousand etc. When the heat reaches the temperature that allows you to tolerate this to one, the fire is hot. Place the marinated or painted drumsticks on the grill. Cook for about five minutes on each side.

If you grill is spacious enough, move the drumsticks to a lower temperature area and allow to cook for thirty to thirty five minutes. If you have an upper grill, that would be the ideal place to place the drumsticks for the final cooking.

If your grill is too small for this, wrap them drumsticks in heavy duty aluminum foil or place them in a roasting pan. Let them cook for about 35 minutes and they will be moist inside and crispy outside. Just the way you like them.

Be sure that your grill is clean before building your fire. Residue from previous grilling will cause your drumsticks to stick and the skin to be removed when you turn them.

Oil the grill before building your fire as well. Use either olive oil or a non-stick cooking spray to assure that your drumsticks will be easy to turn and to remove.

From that point the only thing left to do is remove them from the fire and place them in a clean pan or serving dish and prepare for a delightful meal.